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Location Product
VVS Sugars, Chagallu, W.G.Dist. A.P. Sugar
VRK Sugars, Pothavaram, W.G.Dist. A.P.- Unit II (commercial production not commenced) Sugar
Distillery Division, Chagallu, W.G.Dist. A.P. Rectified Spirit and Ethanol
Distillery Unit, Jangareddygudem Rectified Spirit, Extra Neutral Alcohol
Distillery Unit, Rayagada, Orissa Rectified Spirit and IMFL
Co-Generation unit at VRK Sugars, Pothavaram W.G.Dist. A.P. Power under erection and commissioning
Co-Generation unit, Chagallu, W.G.Dist. A.P. Power
EM Division, Rayagada, Orissa Ferro Chrome / Ferro Manganese
Management Team
Name of the Person Designation
Smt. Rajeswary Ramakrishnan Chairman –cum-Managing Director
Smt. Anita Prabhu Executive Director
Sri. R.Prabhu Non-Executive Promoter Director
Dr.S.R.K.Prasad Non-Executive Promoter Director
Sri.Boppana Ramalingeswara Rao Non-Executive Independent Director
Sri.K.Muneswara Rao Non-Executive Independent Director
Sri.R.Kannan Non-Executive Independent Director
Sri.K.Subramanian Non-Executive Independent Director
Sri.R.Ashok Compliance Officer
Sri.Vikram Ramakrishna Prabhu President
Sri.P.Bhaskara Rao Vice President & Chief General Manager
Annual Reports for last three Financial years
» 79th-AGM-ANNUAL REPORT-2014-2015
» Jeypore Sugar 77thAnnual Report
Shareholding Pattern for all the quarters of last three financial years
» Shareholding Pattern-30-6-2012
» Shareholding Pattern-30-6-2013
» Shareholding Pattern-30-6-2014
» Shareholding Pattern-30-9-2012
» Shareholding Pattern-30-9-2013
» Shareholding Pattern-30-9-2014
» Shareholding Pattern-31-3-2013
» Shareholding Pattern-31-3-2014
» Shareholding Pattern-31-3-2015
» Shareholding Pattern-31-12-2012
» Shareholding Pattern-31-12-2013
» Shareholding Pattern-31-12-2014
Quarterly financial results for all the quarters of last three financial years
» Audited Financial Results-30-9-2012
» Audited Financial Results-31-3-2013
» Audited Financial Results-31-3-2015
» Unaudited Financial Results-30-6-2012
» Unaudited Financial Results-30-6-2013
» Unaudited Financial Results-30-6-2014
» Unaudited Financial Results-30-9-2013
» Unaudited Financial Results-30-9-2014
» Unaudited Financial Results-31-12-2012
» Unaudited Financial Results-31-12-2013
» Unaudited Financial Results-31-12-2014
Quarterly Corporate governance report for all the quarters of last three years
» Report on Corporate Governance-30-6-2012
» Report on Corporate Governance-30-6-2013
» Report on Corporate Governance-30-6-2014
» Report on Corporate Governance-30-9-2012
» Report on Corporate Governance-30-9-2013
» Report on Corporate Governance-30-9-2014
» Report on Corporate Governance-31-3-2013
» Report on Corporate Governance-31-3-2014
» Report on Corporate Governance-31-3-2015
» Report on Corporate Governance-31-12-2012
» Report on Corporate Governance-31-12-2013
» Report on Corporate Governance-31-12-2014
Code of conduct
» Code of Conduct-31-3-2015-Signed
Name of the Company Secretary & Compliance officer and contact details
Name of the Person Sri. R.Ashok
Designation Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Mobile Number 9840027025
Email ID ashokr@jeyporesugars.com
RTA – Name and Contact details
Name of the RTA M/s.Cameo Corporate Services Limited
Address 'Subramanian Building' No.1, Club House Road Chennai – 600 002
Phone 044-28460390
Email ID investor@cameoindia.com
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