Jeypore Sugar company was incorporation on 29th July 1936
Company started a sugar unit at Rayagada, Koraput District, Orissa.
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The funds utilized for different cane development activities during the 2009-10 season are

1. We are encouraging the farmers to take up mechanization in cane cultivation by introducing suitable implements for soil preparation, inter-cultivation implements like power weeders/ tillers, earthing up implements, chemicals and fertilizer distribution implements and mechanical harvesting machines etc. by giving incentives for utilizing the implements and supplying the suitable implements on subsidy basis though our company to the interested cane growers.

2. For purchase of Agro-chemicals for plant protection measures, we have spent Rs. 10.00 lakhs from company funds and Rs. 10.00 lakhs from CDC funds towards 30% contribution.

3. For transportation of seed cane of new varieties from different villages to our factory area, we have spent an amount of Rs. 2.00 lakhs from company funds @ Rs. 750 per acre and Rs. 1.00 lakh from CDC funds @ Rs. 250 per acre of planted seed crop of new variety.

4. We have established a biological control laboratory in our factory premises and taking up mass production of Trichogramma eggs for control of borer pests in Sugarcane crop for an extent of 5000 acres per year @ 33 % subsidy. We have spent Rs. 15.00 lakhs for the bio-lab establishment.

5. For partial mechanization in cane cultivation, we have spent Rs.20.00 lakhs on farm implements like power tillers, mini tractors, sub-soilers, cane planters etc. and distributing them to the farmers @ 50% subsidy and interest free loans for purchasing the required farm implements.

6. We have developed single bud seedlings on 40% subsidy and distributed to the cane growers in our factory area for gap filling in ratoon crop and for direct plantation as part of adopting seed saving technology. For this purpose we have spent an amount of Rs. 10.00 lakhs from company funds for developing single bud seedlings.

7. We are maintaining seed development farm of 22 acres for developing the seed of new sugar rich varieties and distributing to the cane growers in our factory area. We spend an amount of Rs. 10.00 lakhs on seed development at our seed development farm.

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